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Another Perfect World

Documentary, 2009, 70 min.

Online virtual worlds shoot up like mushrooms. Owing to extensive media attention, Second Life is currently the best known, but with rivals like Eve Online and Lineage far from the biggest virtual world. Another Perfect World situates these new worlds in an ancient utopian tradition: online, man finally has the opportunity to create his individual paradise. But who sets the rules in these spheres - who is God, and how do people rule? And what happens when these worlds have more and more overlaps with reality, as is already the case? Digital bartering yields hard dollars; virtual feuds are settled in real life. The documentary, structured by five main questions, introduces the founders of the four largest online worlds, but also gives the floor to their users and critics. Their opinions are pressed home in animations from the virtual worlds, which also unnoticeably overlap with reality on-screen.




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