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Here is Always Somewhere Else

Short documentary, 2006, 54 min.

In 1975, the conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader (Winschoten, 1942) disappeared without a trace during an attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny sailing boat. René Daalder made an attempt to reconstruct Ader's life, which largely ran parallel to his. Both came from a northern part of the Netherlands and, disappointed with the Dutch artistic climate, emigrated to California in the sixties. Where they experienced that the art scene there was awaiting them just as 'anxiously' as in their home country, from which they quickly alienated.
Ader left behind a very limited oeuvre, in which his fascination with gravity constitutes the leitmotif. Because he barely expressed himself about his work, a great enigma is all that remains. Daalder talks to his widow, his brother, fellow artists and solo yachtsman Henk de Velde, who tries to explain Ader's final exploit. His Atlantic sailing trip 'In Search of the Miraculous' must have been a mystical quest for the ultimate transcendental experience. De Velde: 'I think he must have found it.'


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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