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Driving Miss Palmen

Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 75 min.

This comic soap opera in three episodes jocularly refers to Dogma 95, the manifest in which Danish directors formulated self-invented rules in an attempt to liberate contemporary cinema from mannerisms. On the occasion of the 2001 Boekenweek, having as its theme 'writer between two cultures', scriptwriters Engelbert and Holleman modified the then outdated rules of Dogma 95. Examples of new rules of thumb were: write a soap based on publicly known people in the Netherlands; fly to Bombay and find an Indian director; cast Indian actors. Driving Miss Palmen shows how writer Connie Palmen and ex-model and mother Daphne Deckers give their lives meaning by publicising their private lives. Whereas Palmen lacks the inspiration to write anything after the publication of her book I.M., Deckers is struggling with an identity crisis, now that she is merely seen as a mother and Richard Krajicek's wife.





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