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Punk, lang leve de lol

Short documentary, 1998, 54 min.

As a boy of thirteen, the filmmaker Alfred B. Broer (1966) threw off the yoke of his strict Protestant family and turned into a punk rocker. At that time - in the later seventies - the Amsterdam rock temple Paradiso was the venue where he met with other youths from very different backgrounds. The Punk scene rebelled against everything that had been established in clothing and behaviour, with a bent towards self-destruction and music as binding elements. From 1980 onwards, the Amsterdam photographer Max Natkiel photographed the young visitors to Paradiso and recorded this in Paradiso Stills. This album motivated Broer's search for his former friends. Interviews, old video footage and the photos from the album form the quest for the short and sharp friendships of the past. What did Punk have to offer them? And what happened to the friends?





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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