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Babaji, an Indian Love Story

Documentary, 2009, 72 min.

The ancient and skinny Indian shaman Babaji Basant Rai spends his days healing people - by rubbing wooden sticks across their skin - and sharing his knowledge about medicinal plants. Meanwhile, he chiefly hopes for a quick reunion with his deceased wife. Next to the grave he dug for her in his garden is an open space for himself. Every day, he descends into the pit to feel close to her. His environment not only considers this habit very bizarre, but also the grave itself. After all, Hindus are usually not buried, but cremated. Late in life, the shaman has thus unwittingly created a small media hype. Everybody in the neighbourhood knows him.
But Babaji does not care for all the attention. He gradually sees his work and long life as a humiliation. He has cured many people, but of all people the one he loved most slipped through his fingers.

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