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Documentary, 2018, 83 min.

RELEASE DATES 7 June 2018 (Netherlands)/ Wi-Fi routers, smartphones and cell towers are everywhere. With plans to link every digital network on the planet by 2020, connectivity will soon become ubiquitous. People will no longer commute, they'll communicate, using technology that ties us all together, anywhere and everywhere. For some people, the expanding digital network is a tightening noose of health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. Three "electro sensitives" who endure electro-hypersensitivity in Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands share their experiences evading connectivity, running out of safe spaces and making radical life choices that cause conflict with family and friends. Are these "electro sensitives" outliers or canaries in the coal mine of our modern world, warning humanity that the wireless technologies intended to promote ease are actually causing disease?

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