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Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 71 min.

Three episodes of comic TV series following the unusual daily lives of the inhabitants of villa Hertenkamp. The lesbian couple formed by the actress Grace Keeley and the talkshow host Patty Paltier, the spiritual couple Wiebe and Eva and their student Wies, and the bachelor Max Bakker are the recurrent characters of the series. The actors are members of theatre company Mug met de Gouden Tand. In episode 3, Grace appears to be pregnant and the depressed Max suspects the father is an alien. In episode 13, Patty and Grace prepare themselves for the happiest day of their lives, which is why the jealous driving-school owner Willemien has a depression. In episode 24, Eva reconciles herself to the fact that Wiebe goes on a business trip with her sister Ingrid and Patty takes care of a pregnant Ethiopian refugee.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf



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