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Lege maag

Feature film, 2009, 88 min.

New montage of feature film shot in the form of a video diary. The film introduces a journalist who takes a fasting cure in a spiritual centre by the sea. At a time when his personal life is completely topsy-turvy, David Keller decides to go fasting for three weeks under the guidance of the Australian guru Lucy, who has retreated to the Temple of Trust with the participants. But it does not stop there. Enemas, cold water pourings, liver packs and four-hand massages and rest should lead the slightly confused visitors back to their true selves. It is soon clear that David, through whose handheld camera the story is told, is an unrelenting schemer who should have sought professional help long ago. Written and directed by Hans Breetveld and featuring Frederique Huydts and Breetveld himself, Lege maag turns out to be a sardonic comment on the spirituality industry. Under the motto 'let everything go', the characters slowly loose all grip of reality.






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