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Ondertussen in Nederland - De zwemmers

Documentary, 2008, 63 min.

It is hot in the Indische Buurt neighbourhood in Amsterdam. A multicultural group of people gathers round the summery Flevoparkbad. Najoua is chatting with a friend. She stays in a reception centre with her small son, in anticipation of a place of her own. A little further down, Jeggen and Lotte are sunbathing with their kids. They do not have an easy time, either, because Jeggen - inventor by profession - stayed in prison for a few years. Throngs of people are waiting for their French fries at the snack counter. Paul and Gerda hope their daughter-in-law Floor will take over the snack bar, but she has plans for opening her own catering firm. At the other end of the pool, we meet Youssef and Younes. The gentlemen try to give youngsters with problems a helping hand.
The swimmers are followed in their daily lives that summer. Filmmaker Robert Oey does not use voice-overs, interviews or background music. He films their lives soberly and interlards the images with swimming pool impressions of wet hair, bombs and a rain shower in summer.




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