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Het zijn écht mijn kinderen

Short documentary, 2004, 52 min.

Director Eveline van Dijck got acquainted with the Somali refugee Khadra when the latter stayed in De Vonk, a trauma clinic for refugees. Khadra is desperately heartbroken and is unable to sleep. Once the happy wife of a rich ship owner and mother of five; now an outcast whose husband, eldest son, mother, two sisters, two brothers and seven cousins have been killed. She is uncertain about the fate of her other four children. In the years following the Somali woman's stay in the clinic, Van Dijck keeps in touch with her and keeps filming and interviewing her in this period. In the autumn of 2002, within a short space of time, Khadra is informed that she will get a Dutch residence permit for an indefinite period of time and that the Red Cross has tracked three of her children. They are in a refugee camp in northern Kenya. The documentary tells the story of the lengthy and bureaucratic reunion procedure and ends - after the reunion - with the words: `To be continued.'






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