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Yo! Opera - Toonladders en tweedeklassers

Short documentary, 2009, 51 min.

'This is as loud as I can', singer Tamar says on stage. With an impressively high howl she finally manages to hush up the boisterous group of students at the Utrecht Delta College. Now, the pupils of this black school in the 'Vogelaar neighbourhood' Kanaleneiland in Utrecht do listen to her explanation of the workshops that Yo! Opera will give at their school. What is more, ten of them decide to participate - because they want to learn to sing, have musical ambitions, or simply because they hope to go home earlier. Bijlsma follows the group during five workshops, where the students steadily create a joint performance. They will write and compose it in cooperation with the three coaches of Yo! Opera. They do not only do singing drills, but also practise their posture, for instance. In the schoolyard and in their bedrooms, they talk with some diffidence about the lyrics they write, or they placidly interview each other about the project.





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