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Not All that 'the World' Does Is Good for a Mennonite

Short documentary, 1998, 58 min.

A documentary about the lives and problems of the Mennonites, followers of a Dutch community in North-Western Mexico. The followers of the Baptist Menno Simon settled in dry and dusty Mexico after a pilgrimage through Russian and Canada. This strict religious peasant community tries to lead a traditional and sober life without room for technological progress and consumer culture. Yet for the younger generation, the lure of a washing machine, car or other luxury goods are great and the community faces a major dilemma: the choice between tradition and progress, between God and the world.
We get to know the Mennonites though the Neufeld family. Poetic images show everyday life in the community and show how the family prepares for a decision to settle a few hundred kilometres further on, far from the enticement of modern society.






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