take this production


Feature film, 2011, 77 min.

In this tragicomedy, the webcam perspective is pushed to absurd lengths - creating a hilarious framework. Consequently shot through the eye of the computer, or suggesting it, we see how recluse Antoin takes his first timid steps on the Internet. He is assisted by his bold neighbour Rob, who discovered the pleasures of virtual girls in the seclusion of his study a long time ago. But the shy Antoin makes a complete mess of it. So, the horny neighbour makes a blonde webcam babe from Russia come over.
Gradually, more and more people foist themselves on Antoin, either via his laptop, like his parents, or via his front door, like the deceived woman next door. They are all captured by the webcam that is running 24/7. The small, static frame effortlessly registers how these characters lead separate lives within a few square feet. And how they can no longer communicate without mediation of the screen.

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Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (8)

Sound designer

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Sound re-recording mixer 

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