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Johan Primero

Feature film, 2010, 78 min.

Every single day, the 42-year-old Johan Puig drives his Deux Chevaux fifty laps around Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. He is convinced this will bring Barça luck. In 1973, his father bought the car and drove around the stadium with Johan beside him, after which Barça won for the first time in ages. Since his father's death in 2002, Johan continues the practice, afraid that otherwise his team will lose.
In this tragicomic film, we follow the portly lamb who sticks to his fifty-lap ritual so anxiously that he does not even dare leave the car anymore and eats, sleeps, drinks coffee and has his hair cut in it. When Johan develops feelings for the eccentric Paquita, who cleans car windows at a traffic light, his world is shaken, with disastrous consequences.
During his repetitive laps, Johan has conversations with an old man who delivers himself of aphorisms, with the owner of a candy store, a pub owner and his mother. In the process, each lap reveals more about Johan, his relationship with his father and why he always chooses pizza number thirteen.

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