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Every Picture Tells a Story - Anderman

Short documentary, 2006, 12 min.

Director Jaap van Heusden calls his film, which has been composed of still images, a 'photo film documentary'. The successive images look like photographs and sometimes show moments only seconds apart, and sometimes moments much longer apart. The result could be considered a comic strip, about a man in his fifties who has moved in with his demented mother in a high-rise flat. The man, Per Anderman, provides the images of his day-to-day worries with a voice-over filled with cynical, apposite comments. He writes these texts at the dining table for his site Anderman's Alzheimer Café: "On this web page, I make a podcast as an account, as a diary, as a way to cope with insanity. And now, music." This is how Anderman helps himself through the days. And he pays a visit to his three favourite works of art: the sculpture Le Verbe by the Rumanian Ianchelevici, Piet Mondriaan's triptych De Evolutie and Le Corbusier's chapel Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp. There, in the stillness, Anderman visibly feels well for a moment.






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