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Every Picture Tells a Story - 25/01/95

Short documentary, 2003, 20 min.

On Wednesday 25 January 1995, a radar station in the northwest of Russia perceives an unanticipated missile lift-off. Automatically, nuclear missiles all over Russia jump into fighting mode. A black Samsonite is pushed to president Jeltsin, containing the red button for nuclear retaliation. For the first and only time in history, the suitcase is opened. It turns out to be false alarm. Never before in history, mankind has been so close to total annihilation as on that Wednesday. What kind of a day was it, exactly? What were you doing that day? Making use of archive footage and personal memories, director Prosper de Roos tries to reconstruct that near-fatal Wednesday that passed by so quietly. In addition, he looks for various mythological stories about the end of time.





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