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Feature film, 2010, 85 min.

Frank Lammers co-directed and plays the leading role in Lex, an oppressive portrait of a man trapped in his own cynicism. The film, an adaptation of the play by the lamented company Alex d'Electrique, is predominantly set between the four walls of the bare, depressing house where Lex lives with his girlfriend Wilma. Like in Big Brother, their life is filmed 24/7 by cameras that have been installed in every room of the house. They capture how the misanthropic Lex, in his 'period of deedlessness', philosophises about his 'inner tension', which he takes out on his girlfriend and when he goes out on random passers-by, and which is also occasionally discharged when he sings. The cameras mercilessly and plainly register the life of a man who seems to have lost the ability to feel compassion. It seems impossible to escape his personal misery, and even when he is outside, his thoughts and arguments - literally - move in circles.





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