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Verse Erwtjes

Series, 2003, 49 min.

English Title: Fresh Peas

Seven new episodes in which the main character Erwtje loses Oluifje time and time again and therefore gets into contact with various cultures and experiences some exciting adventures.

episode 1: Hassaa-do Hai - When Erwtje hits a hole in the wall by mistake, he enters a strange café. There he must save a girl....or does she have to save him?
episode 2: Erwtjes Wild West - Is it just Oluifje's drunk dream or is she really tossed in the air by Indians and Cowgirls.
episode 3: Erwtje meets an Angel - Erwtje discovers heaven en meets a beautiful girl. There have been whispering that this is an angel.
episode 4: Asparagus in the Spring Sun At some moments Erwtje has a very extraordinary life. He appears to be a good poet en befriends himself with a jolly moth.
episode 5: The Bari Hari - Oluifje gets fascinated by a flut that casts a spell on snakes, and Erwtje by some very beautiful dancers.
episode 6: Droeska Droeskaka - About an organ grinder, a severe king and a bird in the snow.
episode 7: Of Mice and Brushes - Oluifje appears to be very afraid of a mouse and Erwtje makes a magnificent work of art with a impressive artist.

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Cinematographer - DoP



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