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Great Kills Road

Feature film, 2009, 74 min.

Feature film, shot in documentary style, in which the Dutchman Maas de Boer leaves for New York to reveal a harrowing secret to his ex-wife. Eight years before, she left him and their seriously handicapped son behind and returned to her native New York. The camera follows the man while leaving his dingy hotel every day and scouring the streets of New York for his former love. The only tangible reminder he has is a picture of the city with the word 'sorry' written on it. Because all traces lead to nothing, he calls in the help of a detective. Great Kills Road makes his fictitious protagonist take long walks across the city, with the streets of New York as a hyper-realistic backdrop. What is dramatised and what is not is no longer clear. The city's prominent role as the labyrinth in which De Boer has to find his way seems to mirror his ambivalent feelings of admiration and intimidation. Besides a personal quest, this also makes Great Kills Road a modest tribute to this legendary metropolis.

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  • US - New York Film Festival Downtown (2)

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