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Every Picture Tells a Story - De Dunning broers

Short documentary, 2003, 20 min.

Since their mother passed away thirty years ago, time seems to have frozen for Roelof and Bertus Dunning. The two brothers, 76 and 80 years old respectively, are the remaining sons from a farmer's family of seven children. Until four years ago, they shared the house with another brother, but he has also passed away. Today, they live together in the house that still looks as their mother left it. In the past thirty years, they have developed a symbiotic relationship. They speak in a dialect that only they can understand, they sleep together in a three-quarter bed and they jointly perform almost ritual daily tasks. And yet they are still in touch with the modern world, by means of messenger services and home pedicures and barbers. Juul Bovenberg made an affectionate and at the same time humorous portrait of two remarkable brothers on their farm in Drenthe. The sometimes bizarre patterns in their daily life are depicted with an eye for detail and due serenity.





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