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De nieuwe Lola's - www.eenzaam.nl

Series, 2002, 50 min.

Episode from Lolamoviola, a series of TV dramas made by rising talented filmmakers. Leading character Nico is a bachelor working at a call centre. Watched by his strict supervisor, he conducts telephone surveys the livelong day among people living in social or cultural isolation. This is almost the only contact he has with the outside world, as all his colleagues in the dull office are confined by their own cubicles. When his cellphone is stolen in the subway, this situation changes. The thief is Tanja, a 28-year-old woman, who calls Nico the same night with his cellphone. It appears from their conversation that Tanja has a serious inferiority complex and claims to be insane. Nico tries to cheer her up and overhears things - the line is still open - when Tanja has a squabble with a Moroccan guy and a gay man. Then, Tanja suggests to drop by at Nico's place.





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