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Sasja en Natasha

Short documentary, 2008, 50 min.

Sasja, originally a Ukrainian from Kiev, lives and works in The Hague. Years ago, she came to Holland on a scholarship. She decided to stay and make a career for herself. Her best friend Natasha chose a different life. She is a music teacher living with her boyfriend in Kiev and expecting their first child. Natasha: `Sasja has always been the gutsy one.'
With the birth of Natasha's baby in sight, Sasja travels to her native country to visit her parents and friend. On this occasion, the emigrant finally takes stock. With her friend and parents, she brings back memories of days gone by. After the Orange Revolution, the Ukraine changed fast: from a socialist culture, in which these women grew up, to a capitalist society, within a few months. In the Netherlands, people ask every day where Sasja comes from: `People constantly alert me to the fact that this is not my home.' But she no longer belongs in Kiev either: `You go somewhere and think: I belong here, just like that tree over there. But then it turns out that is no longer the case.'






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