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Na de lente van '68 - Een kleine liefdesgeschiedenis

Short documentary, 2000, 58 min.

Director Aliona van der Horst's father reads from the letters he sent to his Russian lover in Moscow in the late sixties: 'It is easier to launch a missile into space than to get you here.' Shortly after their marriage in 1968, Russia invades Czechoslovakia. Father Van der Horst is in the Netherlands at the time; his wife is unable to obtain an exit visa. Only in 1972 - after nine applications - she is allowed to go to the Netherlands with her daughter Aliona, who has been born in the meantime. But it is too late for the young couple to save their marriage. Their daughter reconstructs the history in interviews with her father, mother and former communist leaders. Excerpts from old Russian TV programmes intensify the melancholy undertone - a tone of nostalgia for a disappeared fatherland and an incomplete love.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company