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Een jaar of minder

Short documentary, 2006, 59 min.

From the beginning of her illness, filmmaker Puck de Leeuw keeps a video diary. At the beginning of this intimate self-portrait, after an x-ray of her lungs, she is told: small-cell lung carcinoma. Lung cancer. The doctor: 'It will probably be over within a year.' Next, we see De Leeuw at home, assisted by homecare and helpful friends, neighbours and relatives, and in the hospital. De Leeuw celebrates her last, forty-eighth birthday and does not hesitate to film how people help her go to the bathroom and how she quarrels with friends. She seeks support from a clairvoyant friend, who draws her aura, and from an alternative doctor, who suggests it is not cancer, after all. She reacts to her approaching end with resignation, irony, sorrow, self-mockery, fear, anger, hope and despair. She describes her physical deterioration, but especially her mental reaction, manifested in the daily lighting of a candle for herself. First she wished for recovery while doing so, later she only wishes for a day without pain.




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