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Deftige driften

Short documentary, 1998, 50 min.

Filmmaker Alwine van Heemstra is a baroness, but has never felt at home in the world of aristocracy. Her début documentary Deftige driften (Upperclass Urges) is a personal quest for the sense of the norms and values she was brought up with. The theme that runs through the film is Heemstra's own wedding to artist Berend. By marrying someone outside her own class, she breaks with an aristocratic code. In the film she talks to her grandfather and several aristocrats about their lives and the codes that they regard as their heritage. The film shows how the nobility tries to keep its head above water in the face of increasing costs and dropping incomes. A baroness and her husband opened their estate for a camp site and another turned his castle into a museum for want of heirs.





Cinematographer - DoP


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