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Adios Nonino

Short documentary, 2004, 52 min.

As part of the larger project Who is s/he, filmmaker Jacqueline van Vugt travelled to Argentina, where grandmothers are looking for their grandchildren, the unknown offspring of their own children, who disappeared during the junta. The adoptee Victoria is one such retraced grandchild. Two years earlier, she found out who her biological parents are and in the meantime she also met her biological brother Marcelo. `You want to recognise yourself in someone', Vicky explains her desire to know more about her origins. And yet, this raises new questions. Vicky and Marcelo have another sister. Should they try to find her now and turn her life upside down or would she rather remain uninformed? Jorge Videla's junta (1976-1983) does play a major role in this film. Van Vugt does not steer clear of the boxes containing unidentified bones, but the search for identity predominates in this documentary, which grants an important place to the Argentinean bandoneón music, which played such a big part in Argentinean princess Maxima's wedding ceremony in Amsterdam.






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