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Ik ben een meisje!

Short documentary, 2010, 15 min.

Joppe is a cheerful fourteen-year-old girl. She fancies Brian. But he does not know she was born as Jop, a boy. To Joppe?s friends it is very clear: she is just a girl. A girl who was accidentally born in a boy?s body. But how should she ask a boy like Brian if he wants to go with her?
In her award-winning Ik ben een meisje, director Susan Koenen chooses a light-hearted approach to the issue of a child born in the wrong body. In girlish colours and with sweet and music-video-like intermezzi, she presents Joppe as a teenage girl who is in love like any other child and has her personal girl problems that she shares with friends. Scenes in which Joppe hangs out with friends alternate with those in which she candidly speaks about herself, her body and her acceptance. Ik ben een meisje shows a generation with sympathy for tough issues around gender and sexuality.




Cinematographer - DoP


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