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Op z'n Hollands

Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

The die is cast: the Rotterdam port will be substantially enlarged. But the second Maasvlakte did not get the green light without a struggle. More than 150 individuals and interest groups used their right to have a say in the matter. Op z'n Hollands introduces advocates and opponents of the large-scale expansion during the last convulsions of the decision-making process. Among the people portrayed is former mayor Ivo Opstelten. During car rides, radio messages tell us about the course of the process. The film does not take sides or lose itself in (political) details. It is clear that one man's breath is another man's death. Not all entrepreneurs benefit from a larger harbour and among nature lovers opinions differ, too. And all these controversial interests are taken into consideration in the eventual plan. In Oman, a project of this sort is tackled completely differently, as we understand when watching a Dutch project manager of a future harbour that is comparable to that of Rotterdam.






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