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Lenins erf

Short documentary, 1998, 49 min.

Despite the world-wide fall of Communism, the adherents to Lenin and Marx remain in power in rural Eastern Groningen. The documentary Lenin's Yard portrays two men from the town of Beerta. After the abolition of the Dutch Communist Party, they continued their struggle in the NCPN. Now old men, Albert Schwertman and Koert Stek still fight like Don Quixote en Sancho Panchez for the welfare of the worse off. This struggle turns out to have its roots in the past when peasants were exploited and their Communist fathers were imprisoned or killed. In the film, the men talk about present and past with the comments of their wives, children and fellow villagers. Director Simone van de Broek is daughter of a trade unionist and grew up among the stencil machines.





Cinematographer - DoP


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