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Met nieuwe ogen

Short documentary, 2010, 46 min.

A search for a child's amazed look. Inspired by the birth of her child Djamilo - the film opens with the ultrasound of her pregnant belly - filmmaker Tamara Miranda wants to recover the unguarded gaze with which her son observes the world. The gaze that is not coloured by prejudice or fear. The expedition takes her to the Amsterdam primary school De Kraal, where educators and artists coax the children's natural curiosity and amazement to openly watch the world. But also to the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, who examines the details of her environment in her work: her grandmother's hands, a flower, a bowl of soup. 'Things that everybody knows are full of mystery', Miranda elucidates Kawauchi's work. Normally, adults unthinkingly ignore such details of life. In imitation of her little son, Miranda tries to regain the attention for these details.





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