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One Night Stand - Bijlmer odyssee

Series, 2004, 39 min.

In the night before leaving for New York, Penny meets Otis, a boy who seems to be much more than a one-night stand. She takes him to her flat in the Bijlmer district in Amsterdam, where they spend a great night. This ends abruptly when Otis decides to go and get something to eat from a nearby snack bar. On his way back, he gets lost in the labyrinth of identical blocks of flats. At the same time, he realises he knows nothing about Penny: her address, or even her family name. He desperately starts looking for his sweetheart, encountering more or less well-meaning local residents: junks, snack bar owners and a complete Indian family, who take the young couple's fate to heart. Apart from being a comical and almost fairy-tale love story, Bijlmer Odyssee is an apt depiction of nocturnal life in this maligned quarter of Amsterdam.





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


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Cast (5)

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