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Kids In Controle

Short documentary, 2001, 30 min.

This film portrays the experience of six young people who take part in 'kids in control' as they provide their personal responses to the question: 'How do you survive in an atmosphere of threats, intimidation and violence?' Violence in Northern Ireland is no longer limited to the bloody struggle between Catholic Nationalists and Protestant Loyalists. The paramilitary group's use of terror is increasingly focused on their own communities. The IRA terrorizes the Catholic community and the UVF/UDA do the same tot the Protestants. This film is a theatre project designed for young people in Northern Ireland. Each weekend a group of these youngster from both the Catholic and Protestant communities meets in a neutral environment. Supervised by artistic director David Calvert, they put together theatre performances, which deal with their own lives. The main theme of these performances is street violence.




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