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One Night Stand - Nieuwe schoenen

Series, 2004, 39 min.

Thalia is a successful model that is almost past her prime; the first assignment for an anti wrinkle cream commercial is a fact. In a shoe store, this out-and-out urbanite meets her counterpart Aafke, a cryptogram maker leading a peaceful life in the country, together with her friend the forester. Their inadvertent switching of shoes leads to an identity swap: they decide to lead each other's life for one day. The film follows the two women in their attempts to survive in the other one's reality, each being faced with some surprising, sometimes absurd situations. The rhythm of the separate worlds determines the rhythm of the editing and the music: the calm, dark and long shots in and around the forester's dwelling are nicely alternated with the dazzling, colourful and high-paced images of the hubbub of big city Rotterdam.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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