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Koos Tak

Short television drama, 1995, 25 min.

Seven-part drama series based on the serial by Eelke de Jong and Rijk de Gooijer that appeared in the weekly Haagse Post from 1984 to 1987.
The series tells the story of Koos Tak, a rather silly journalist who is not taken seriously in his profession, but pretends to the outside world that he is a great reporter. His wife, who loves him unconditionally despite his preposterous attitude, realises that Koos' pomposity is not a sign of arrogance but hides his born cowardice. Koos Tak is not a bastard, but an anti-hero, for whom the world is too large and who regards himself as too big for the world.Serie 7 x 25 minits.





Cinematographer - DoP


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