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Short documentary, 2009, 22 min.

Welcome aboard the Viking Line Cruise. The sea is calm and the crossing from Stockholm to Helsinki will take 17 hours. In the tax-free store, the bottles of spirits are clinking temptingly on the shelves. A group of youngsters quickly embark. 'Ha, booze!' Soon, they tuck away the first glasses, if possible two at a time. The Funclub opens, karaoke heightens the pleasure and those who can no longer stand straight can always hold on to someone else while dancing in the discotheque.
While the binge continues in the huts and elsewhere the first coma is reported, the ship impassively works its way through the softly swaying ice floes. Just as impassively as the stoic crew that pilots these temporarily astray Scandinavians through the dark night. An alienating small world, captured in set frames for us by Edward Cook.





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