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Triptiek - Beelden van een koninkrijk

Short documentary, 2011, 60 min.

Where does the Dutchman work, live and spend his leisure time? In this triptych, Ketelaars and Van den Wildenberg depict Dutch locations that were realised by human hands. However, not the users of these spaces, but the spaces themselves are the protagonists of this purely visual, poetic documentary. In the dock area, plastic monsters flap among spinning windmills and iron fences. Nature subtly manifests itself, in the form of insects, moss and rabbits. In the second part, a Vinex location is depicted in static shots. This produces still lives of recently created squares and streets under construction, introducing the inhabitants of this fully cultivated environment. The third 'character', an 'entertainment zone', has moments of dead silence - empty parking lots and rolled down shutters -, and of great activity. Concrete is omnipresent here. The acutely visual Triptiek is an almost meditative film about the tension between the dream of the drawing board and the reality on site.

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