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De multi culti story - The Multi Culti Story

Feature film, 2008, 90 min.

The tale of West Side Story - based on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, which again harks back to an older Italian story, is of all times and places. Director Joost Ranzijn and scriptwriter Jane Waltman situate it in the present era in the suburban neighbourhood Overvecht, where rivalling gangs terrorise the street and each other. The Whites against the Multies.
Jenny (White), who cleans statues as a community service because she messed with a knife, wants to leave the hatred behind. Especially when she falls head over heels for Mohammed (Multi), who is also instantly smitten with her. But their attempts to break the spiral of violence are smothered in a series of ill-fated misunderstandings. De multi culti story is a melodramatic film musical with infectious songs and a universal theme in a topical setting.

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