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Ongewisse tijd

Documentary, 2006, 64 min.

The documentary begins with a dramatised reconstruction of the sea voyage by Hartog Simon Pos and his brother Matthijs in the year 1774. They were on their way to Suriname. Nearly two hundred years later, Diego Pos made a trip in the opposite direction: he was the last Pos to leave Suriname. In Ongewisse tijd, Pos returns to Suriname in search of the history of his Jewish family and of Suriname Jews in general. He happens upon unexpected relatives, like Simon Matthijs, who was born out of a slave in the eighteenth century. The search and encounters with various representatives of Jewish communities in Suriname run synchronous with the dramatised story of the brothers Hartog Simon and Matthijs, whose initially close relationship was seriously dampened by love affairs. The filmmaker learns things about his family, but also a lot about the Jewish traditions and the development of slavery in his native country.





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