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All We Ever Wanted

Short documentary, 2010, 50 min.

This is the era of unlimited possibilities. Judging from Facebook and Hyves, everyone is doing exciting things and if you are young and creative you can be anything you want. So when you fail to be the best, it is your own fault. While you try everything to show the world how successful you are, behind the scenes fear may strike.
All We Ever Wanted is a time document in which four young and ambitious people tell about the tension caused by the pursuit of their dreams. Illustrator and director Emiel was seized by panic. Research assistant Mireille is afraid to die and had rather be a child again. Fashion designer Niki suppresses her fear with pills, just like illustrator Daniel. Candid outpourings, embedded in a free and poetic editing, reflecting both the hip life style and the underlying emotions.
Sarah Mathilde Domogala developed the idea for this film during IDFA's documentary workshop and received the Cultural Broadcasting Fund Award for Documentary in 2008.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Production manager

Graphic designer 

Location sound recordist

Title designer

Production company

Post-production sound