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Vermoorde onschuld

Short documentary, 2000, 54 min.

Documentary about three members of the secret assassination squads in South Africa who tortured and killed many alleged terrorists in the 1980's, under the country's apartheid regime led by Pieter Botha. In 1999 these undercover agents were given amnesty in exchange for confessing to their gruesome activities. In Vermoorde onschuld (Murdered Innocence) the men talk openly. The film also shows how they live now after confessing to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The white murderers Cronjé and Van Vuuren have withdrawn into their home life; the black Mamsela still checks his car for explosives every day. He betrayed his own people and wants to come to terms with it by confronting relatives of his victims in front of the camera.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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