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Pastorale 1943

Feature film, 1978, 125 min.

Vestdijk adaptation shows a group of people from a Betuwe village committing brave deeds in the resistance during World War II. They arrange hiding places and relay the location of bridges and bunkers to England. The betrayal of people hiding on a farm makes five men decide to eliminate the local NSB chemist. This turns out to be harder than expected. The motto of this characteristic war movie is 'The story of a people, a friendly people, because it has so few heroes'. The film was a huge success and attracted over one million visitors. Wim Verstappen, with whom Sylvia Kristel became lifelong friends, received the Dutch Film Museum Award from Sylvia?s hands in 1992.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (10)

Location sound recordist

Production company