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Brief aan mijn vader

Short documentary, 2002, 59 min.

Guzman Alvarez always refused to talk about his flight across Spain in 1936, during the Civil War. Guzman was ordered by his mother to accompany his old and deaf father, who was on the fascist's hit list. After the war, Guzman Alvarez built a new life in the Netherlands and only returned to his native soil, the Babia region, in summer. Only fifty-five years later, Guzman writes a letter to his father, who has been dead for fifty years by then. When (grand)son Ricardo finds the letter, he gets in his car. He decides to reconstruct the two men's flight. Based on extraordinary interviews with friends, neighbours and relatives, postcards, photographs and historical footage, the story and the time are brought to life, as is the love for the gorgeous North Spanish scenery.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist