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Boeren Burgers Buitenlui

Documentary, 2012, 64 min.

Conservationists and farmers are natural enemies. But not everywhere, fortunately. Amstelland is an area under great pressure - it is a nature reserve, it has recreational purposes, and it is an agricultural area. In the background, it is encroached upon by the expanding city. But the farmers here feel responsible for everything that lives on their land; they mow around nests and pick up young birds. The tension field between economy and environment is described in interviews with farmers and conservationists and in at times poetical images of both professions. But also in images of black-tailed godwits along the motorway, day trippers in boats on streams and school children visiting a farm. In addition, the film contains impressive footage of the flora and fauna, featuring a mini-documentary about the grebe, from courtship to hatching eggs.






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