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Tijgerberg gaat nooit verloren

Short Film, 2001, 46 min.

The inhabitants of a small mountain village in Northern Thailand are working in the fields when they are surprised by an army raid. The father of the 13-year-old Lisu boy Ale is seized roughly by the soldiers: `Where is the opium?' This is the beginning of the dramatised documentary Tiger Mountain Will Never Die. This film by Gerrit van Elst tells about the boy Ale and his awakening love for Mimi, but also about the problems the villagers experience as a result of the modernisation of their village. For example, they get electric power and a teacher. And Ale is determined to prove that the Lisu can be just as competent in playing the game of Takro as the Thai themselves. The boys' team practices very hard and eventually competes in a big tournament. But Ale is even prouder of another triumph.






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