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Warme verhalen - voor bij de centrale verwarming

Short documentary, 2006, 31 min.

On 25 November 2005, during heavy snowfall in Haaksbergen, Twente, a snapped high-voltage cable caused a power failure. During the 61 hours that the failure lasted, people had to make do without light, central heating, supermarket, television and mobile phone and with all unanticipated inconveniences in the cold and dark. By letter and a sound system on a car, the inhabitants were informed about the developments. How did they endure those three days, how did they keep warm, milk the cows without machines, kept the supermarket open? The two directors traced various stories and registered them with an old-fashioned tape recorder, always visible. They also had victims re-enact scenes from those days. Apart from the ingenuity and practical solutions, it strikes the directors that nobody really had the inclination to relocate. Still, we will have to learn to do so: in the future, power failures will most probably be of the order of the day, due to the rapidly increasing energy consumption in the world.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist