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Weer uit eten

Short documentary, 1995, 20 min.

Katinka and Meggel are two adults with autism and they depend on continual care for everyday life. Once a year they go out to eat in an Italian restaurant on their own. They spend a lot of time preparing for this outing: the menu and their favourite dishes are discussed at length. Most people who go out to dinner do that for the enjoyment. The art of conversation is therefore of great importance. Things are very different for Katinka and Meggel. They are not able to make contact with the world around them and their conversation seems perfunctory. Yet they are both having a good time. Dinner, Once Again follows both women in the tradition of direct cinema: the camera registers them, but does not comment. As a result it does provide a comment on dinner-table conversation in general.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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