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Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

Short documentary, 2004, 52 min.

In this film child stars from the early years of Hollywood look back on their youth: Diana Serra Cary, Jane Withers, Dick Moore, Mickey Rooney, Sybil Jason, Margaret O'Brien and Marie Osborne, the first child star of all, who acted in her first movie in 1915. They were genuine film stars, objects of public adulation. What was their day-to-day life like? And how do they remember it now, more than 70 years later? In interviews with them, combined with archival footage and movie clips, the stars create a nostalgic, melancholy review of their glamorous childhoods.
Child stars had a bizarre childhood. At home they were the breadwinner, an unnatural situation that could easily cause problems. Our film scenes were their reality.
This film tells the story of child stars from all periods against the background of the early years of Hollywood. The glamour and the reality, the hard work and the memories.




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