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In de ban van de tulp

Short documentary, 2003, 52 min.

The tulip influenced the face of history and shaped destinies. Why did this oriental flower dominate so many lives through so many countries? In this film we go back in time presenting a lively and in-depth portrait of the tulip itself, its splendid role in history and the spell it has had on mankind.
The saga of the tulip is brought to life through a combination of contemporary film material and interviews with tulip experts such as Mike Dash, author of the book "Tulipomania" and Deborah Moggach author of "Tulip Fever" which will be released as feature film in 2003 by Dreamworks Entertainment. To Illustrate recent events these sections are woven into the story combined with carefully re-enacted historical anecdotes of major historical moments. The stylised nature of these dramatic elements will provide a stimulating contrast from the contemporary documentary material and allow the historical portions of the programs to remain strongly narratively driven.




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