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10 Geboden - Eert uw vader en uw moeder

Short documentary, 2000, 49 min.

Eert uw vader en uw moeder, from the fifth commandment, is a sequel to a documentary that director Niek Koppen made in 1987 about the life of the then 10-year-old Roland. The boy was living in a foster home, because his own parents were unable to raise him. It seems that Roland, now 22, does not have many reasons to honour his parents. Still, he does not seem to be troubled by rancour. Roland works for an IT company, has a great girlfriend and claims that the whole story is not that important. But his various guardians and the footage of twelve years earlier together tell a different story: about a boy that uses his charm as a shield and as a way to grossly intimidate other children. The documentary inevitably elicits the question which effects his upbringing has had.




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