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Utrecht aan zee - Angstzweet

Short documentary, 2004, 12 min.

The Utrecht-based composer Paul Bruinen composes a piece for the Gending gamelan ensemble that focuses on the acculturation of East and West. This reminds him of his father, who was forced to fight in the police actions in Indonesia. After that, his father often woke up sweltering, but always kept silent about it. When Paul asked him at the end of his life whether he had any secrets, he said: `Things happened over there, but I'll take them to the grave'. In a combination of music from his father's old gramophone and the sounds of the gamelan, Paul Bruinen makes his father's cold sweat perceptible. Angstzweet is the first part in the series Utrecht aan Zee: twelve short films about the visualisation of the city.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company